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Benefits of a Security System

It Makes Sense!

  • Peace of Mind - Whether or not you are home, know that your family and property are safe with around the clock monitoring.

  • Convenience - Mobile security solutions allow you to control virtually any aspect of your security system from a smart device. You can also get email or text alerts for events you specify.

  • Flexibility - In today's busy lifestyle, Vector Security can tailor a security solution that fits your needs, taking into account your and your family's schedules.

  • Theft Deterrent - Every 13 seconds, a home intrusion is committed in the U.S. Homes without a security system are 300 times more likely to be targeted.

  • Energy Management - Many consumers are opting to bundle home automation solutions with their security. Home automation can increase protection and convenience as well as reduce energy consumption by allowing you to control the lights and thermostats in your home.

  • Stay connected - Add video surveillance to your home security system and check in on your kids, pets or elderly parents by accessing live or recorded video anywhere, any time from your smart device.

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